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Christopher Bice

Escaping the Darkness: Running from my dreams is a collection of poems that crosses over the lines and the boundaries between love, death, inspiration, and madness. Combining traditional poetry with increasingly popular new-age topics and styles, Escaping the Darkness: Running from my dreams is more than just an average volume of poetry. Instead, it allows the reader to immerse himself/herself within the raw emotions of each poem. As a result, they will both enjoy and dread the journey.


Here one can find the stories of true romance and devotion: the love of nature, children, husbands, and wives. Be cautious, though. Not all love stories come with "The Happily Ever After" ending.


Death wears many different masks. Death may cross lines to become blessings. Death isn't always sad and tearful. Death can also be a joyful journey to other levels of awareness.


Not all inspirational poetry is devoted exclusively to religious beliefs. Inspiration can be found in all aspects of life and death. Here the readers can explore and reflect on what brings them inner joy and peace.


Madness is the final point between all the lines. Madness crosses over and often controls love and death. Madness can drive people to do things they wouldn't normally do. These poems allow the reader to decide for themselves whether madness is just a misguided inspiration or simply pure evil.

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Growing up in Brantford Ontario, I moved West with my family to a small village in Northern BC.
After many years I returned to the East and met my wife. We later came to Coalhurst Alberta (just outside of Lethbridge) to retire. I enjoy fishing and camping and I find my inspiration while out in nature.

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