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Kelley DeTuro

Ten-year-old twins Matthew and Marissa are not thrilled about being pulled away from their friends to travel to New Mexico with their family. But when Matthew finds a curious old map under a cushion in their RV, everything changes. The mysterious parchment leads them through an amazing adventure, all of which takes place during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

The twins face the challenges of solving clues to the map’s puzzle, as well as overcoming distractions from their 4-year-old brother, David, who has autism.

Marissa also reveals to us personal feelings and insight through her journal writings that are scattered throughout the book.

Buckle up and enjoy the RV ride as you help Matthew and Marissa solve the puzzle in this Mysterious Journey!

Not Available for Purchase
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Children's Literature

Kelley DeTuro grew up in Florida, North Carolina, and California where she enjoyed visiting mountains, deserts, and national parks with her family, sometimes in an RV.

Now she loves going on adventures with her husband and two daughters as they camp, hike, and kayak.

Up to now, Kelley has lived in eight states and over a dozen different cities so she draws ideas for her writing from some of her many experiences in these diverse locales.

Ms. DeTuro has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and has worked with children and families most of her adult life.

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