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Dive into these macabre horror stories, but be careful not to close your eyes. Evil lurks unseen. Supernatural beings keep watch and monsters lie in wait. Some plot vengeance, while others crave human flesh.


*Crystal idolizes rock stars and longs to be one. What would she be willing to do to make her dream come true? Lie, cheat, or steal? Would she go as far as to kill?

*Elaiyne envies Sonora’s golden skin, blonde hair, and slender body, and goes to extremes to try and be like the other girl. But Elaiyne isn’t the only one wanting to be someone else.

*A naga becomes karma personified when she confronts a parent.

*Bettie struggles to breathe after Rodney blows cigarette smoke in her face. He couldn’t care less — and does worse. But The Watchers see everything, and they have something special in mind.

*Wahasi stalks through the swamp in cocodrie — crocodile — form, infuriated at her lack of food. However, she has a plan involving the sorcerer, Kula, and the townspeople better watch out.

*A true brat, Brad tries to hurt his sister and defies his parents, but he’s not the only bully around.

*Abner is delighted to visit Aokigahara Forest, which is rumored to be haunted, but Sharyn isn’t.

*When a Siamese cat nears the home of a Chihuahua, the dog makes his displeasure known through piercing yaps. However, something startles him.

*Shane dares Angeline to spend the night in The Devil’s Hand, and if she succeeds, she’ll get to borrow his fancy Dodge Charger. The site is rumored to be haunted or cursed, but she knows that’s hooey.

*Tricia is prideful about her looks, loves bullying, and makes a younger girl feel worthless. But she has a surprise visitor — Ria, also known as Justice.

*Life post-COVID has been anything but happy. Deaths skyrocketed. Nuclear bombs hit. Food dwindled. Cole, Vera, and Marianne survived, but they have little left to eat. Rovers are out and about, and must be avoided at all costs.

*Dean likes pushing people around. When he damages his grandfather, Charlie’s, Venus Fly Traps, Charlie isn’t the only one who’s upset.


Gabriella Balcom’s book includes the above stories and more. Some of her works have been described as masterpieces in the horror genre. They will alternately horrify you, touch your heart, make you shiver, and have you on the edge of your seat.

Down with the Sickness and Other Chilling Tales

SKU: 10042
  • Gabriella Balcom

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