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Peggy Gerber

Welcome to CrazyTown! Open the pages of this brutally honest poetry chapbook and stumble along with Peggy Gerber as she takes readers on an emotional journey through mental illness and back again.
Experience what it feels like to have fallen into a hole so deep you think you'll never come out, but then you emerge stronger and wiser. Examines what happens as people habitually compare themselves to others, but then learn to love themselves for who they are. Encounter that tyrant, Dr. Google, a harbinger of health anxiety for millions around the world, but then banish him away. to return to your physical and mental equilibrium. Explore how to reframe a catastrophic event and transform it into something manageable. But most importantly, learn how to speak openly about your feelings and not be ashamed.
Help and hope are running themes throughout Stumbling in CrazyTown, as you navigate the peaks and valleys of living with depression and anxiety. The time has come to banish the stigma against mental illness.




A poet and writer of short stories, Peggy Gerber is thrilled to have been chosen as the winner of the 2021 Open Contract Challenge. When she is not writing poetry, Peggy likes to indulge her love of speculative fiction by writing stories time machines, friendly aliens and creepy dolls. Her work has appeared in over eighty publications including the anthology Natural Instincts: Tales of Witches and Warlocks. Peggy lives with her husband David in Northern, New Jersey, and she loves reading, traveling and especially playing with her four grandchildren.

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