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Stephanie J.Bardy

The Huntress was content with her life until she became Divine Keeper. Now she must train The Warrior to be the best, better than all the ones who reincarnated before him. He must be the last. The one to defeat Ren Daul. One of The Chosen. Merrik had an idyllic life until Ren Daul decimated the local Monastery and threatened the people of his town. Now he was The Warrior, and he had to defeat the strongest power in all the land. The two never wanted the life The Elder’s set out for them. They never wanted to have to face one of The Chosen and certainly never bargained at having to put their hearts on the line. Each moment these two spend together strengthens the bond between them, but it also weakens their ability to think logically. Are they enough to defeat Ren Daul? Can they stop his twisted evil from destroying all that is good? Can they get out of their own way and let the magic between them, that flows through and around them do what it was meant to do? Only The Elders know, and they aren't talking. For Celeste and Merrik, this is the battle that could end their lives or set them free




Stephanie J. Bardy is an accomplished author, poet and editor. She is Editor in Chief at The World of Myth Magazine and has held an editing position with them for over 2 years. She is also Editor in Chief for Dark Myth Publications and holds a position on the Board of Directors for The JayZoMon/DarkMyth Company.

Her published works include Eternally Bound, Eternally Bound PCE Exclusive Edition, The Chosen, The World of Myth Anthology Volume 3, all under Dark Myth Publications. She also appears in Full Moon & Howlin: A Werewolf Anthology and Monsterthology 2 published by Zombie Works.

She has several short stories to her credit on The World of Myth Magazine, and several works of poetry.

Her editing credits include Full Moon & Howlin: A Werewolf Anthology and all of the works on The World of Myth Magazine for the last two years.

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