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L.M. Mercer

When a young married couple moves into an old Victorian cottage located in the New England countryside, they soon learn there is more to the urban legend she is investigating than they originally believed. Susan Anders is researching the "Warning Killer," a serial killer who has struck every twenty-five years for the last century, always leaving a young couple brutally murdered. Now the "Warning Killer" has set his sights on the Anders--Susan and her husband, Justin. They must solve the mystery of the previous murders and set things right before they become his latest victims.

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An avid reader from a young age, L. M. Mercer developed an addiction to books in her childhood that has intensified into an obsession that is getting more expensive by the day. Her interest in reading has naturally led her to writing.
Although L. M. Mercer draws the inspiration for her poetry mostly from her life and those lives around her, her stories are influenced by her favorite authors. She draws on her love of the works of Edgar Alan Poe to add a touch of morose to her work and multiple romance novelists for that spark of romance.
L.M. Mercer lives a quiet life with her family in California’s High Desert. She enjoys her privacy, and her work would have remained hidden from public view if not for a friend and co-worker, who convinced L. M. Mercer to submit her writings to a website for publication. More of her stories and poetry may be found on “The World of Myth.”

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