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David K. Montoya

Adventurous sisters, Emma and Olivia possess the key to the Land of Imagination. They travel there often and have met many magical creatures, making friends with many of them, such as Kén Tauros, a friendly Centaur, and Theophrastus von Hohenheim, the Prince of the Gnome Kingdom. On one such trip they learn that their beloved friend Yoon the Unicorn, has been kidnapped by the evil Lord of the Zombie Fairies, Schartzmugel. Join Emma and Olivia as they journey to the Land of the Zombie Fairies to stand against Schartzmugel and his horde of minions. They must not only save Yoon the Unicorn, but all the Magical Realm in the Land of Imagination!




David K. Montoya was first published in 1992 with the release of an independent comic book entitled, M-Team. In a span of ten years, he wrote over two hundred stories for that genre. At the turn of the millennia, went to work as a Producer on a small horror film and co-wrote the script for Body Bag. The following year, went back into comics with the release of a one-shot named, American SmasH. In 2003, fell in love with traditional literature and begin writing short stories. From then until now, he has written eighty-two stories. Like the multi-award winning series THE END and his up-and-coming novel, a murder mystery, to be released soon.
Montoya has been published in a wide variety of publications The World of Myth: Anthology Volumes I, II and III, Weird Mask Magazine, The World of Myth Magazine, Zombie EPICdemic Anthology, Getting Short Stories Published: A Guidebook and his own anthology of dark stories titled as an ode to his mentor's book, It's A Dark Ride.
That is only the writing side of him, as he prefers to stay private. He lives in Southern California with his three children, dog and his annoying cat.

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