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As a publishing house, we want a wide range of creative writings no matter who you are! Therefore, our genres are to be inclusive and representative of as many diverse viewpoints as humanly possible.
Dark Myth Publications is actively seeking new works of general fiction, children's literature, fantasy, horror, fiction, suspense, science fiction, and humor/comedy written by and/or featuring people of color, Native people, disabled people, neuroatypical people, LGBTQIA+ people, and other underrepresented and marginalized communities.
A literary agent is not required for submission. We will not consider manuscripts on a proposal to another publisher unless prior arrangements have been made. Our editors may need three months or more to review a manuscript. If we take longer than three months to review your manuscript, we no longer require an exclusive submission.
It is not necessary for you to register or copyright your work before publication—it is protected by law as long as it has not been published. However, we will copyright the book in the author's name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress when published.
For manuscript pitch submission and all other inquiries, please email us using the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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