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Zombie Works Publications proudly presents to you, thirteen horrifying tales of Ghosts, Demons, spirits, and the fey: The In-Between Place by Jessica Lynne Gardner . The Messenger by Mark Slade . The Haunting of Mikhail Zotkin by S. Sadie Burbank . Starshine by Brandon Cracraft . Angry Ground by Maynard Blackoak . Purgatory by Chris Robertson . The Last Apology by Errick A. Nunnally . Morton the Barbarian by John McCormack . After Reading Night of Acceptance by Denny E. Marshall . 'Control' by Kevin Adams . A Child for Tomorrow by Maynard Blackoak . Flight of the Fiery Ones by Jay Wilburn . Golden Son by T. Fox Dunham.

A Dark World of Spirits and The Fey

SKU: 10015
  • Kevin Adams
    Maynard Blackoak
    S. Sadie Burbank
    Brandon Cracraft
    T.Fox Dunham
    Jessica Lynne Gardner
    Denny E. Marshall
    John McCormack
    Errick A. Nunnally
    Chris Robertson
    Mark Slade
    Jay Wilburn

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