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Come. Let us journey to another world, a place of fable and myth, where the Harlequin dances as he strives to regain his humanity, and where Beauty meets her Beast under the Fathers' watchful eyes. Let us go to the place where McCollister tries a blood ritual with a Testament bound in human skin. Or we can tour the Gallery of the Midnight Heart, where Selena finds art often imitates life. We can visit Alan as he discovers life might even imitate a DVD, as it does in The Portal. Then let us journey back to the days of yore, where we'll learn the real meaning of the word "Monster." And if we decide to take a side trip through the woods, we must be sure to visit a certain isolated cabin, where the occupants use something other than latex to paint its walls. These are only a few of the stops waiting for us in Black Hearts, Red Blood Dreams: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural.

Black Hearts and Red Blood Dreams: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural

SKU: 10006
  • Sara Saint John

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