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1879. Sheriff Rowdy is helping a father look for his daughter. However, they go through a tunnel with crystals that are…you know what?


Who cares about how they got there.


The cowboys find themselves in 1944 France under Nazi occupation.

Rowdy immediately comes across a young Jewish woman, Hannah, who is being attacked by Nazi soldiers. The Sheriff’s appearance gives Hannah the opportunity she needs to help save herself.

Hannah explains that American soldiers had been trying to rescue her, and some other Jewish refugees, but those damned Nazis showed up.

Everyone was split in half, with some of the Jewish refugees and American soldiers being held hostage by the Nazis.

Rowdy can’t just walk away. And he especially won’t leave Hannah.

So, he, Hannah, and the remaining soldiers hatch a plan to save the hostages.

But those Nazis didn’t expect a cowboy to be helping.

Cowboys Vs. Aliens

SKU: 10048
  • Walter G. Esselman

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