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The Diary Of A Madman follows the detailed journal written about the Nameless Man's fight with the characterization of the darkness that is growing inside him. ‘The Shadow’, as he calls it, is a manifestation of chaos that slowly assumes control of the essence that is his mind and soul. As he makes each entry into the journal, he also enters sonnets, which poetically proves he is falling further into his madness.
With the use of humorous as well as dark memories and thoughts the Nameless Man characterizes and gives life to creatures such as Fate, Karma, Religious and Political belief, Rage, Paranoia, and Betrayal; which he believes are not just random concepts but actual living entities created by his nemesis, the Shadow.
As the Nameless Man’s mind becomes more unraveled, he explores the character of Death itself. He makes it known that it is his only way to defeat the Shadow and prepares himself for the inevitable conclusion to his tale. That is when he realizes his life truly begins, as he finds the last important character is his life, Love.
The Diary Of A Madman ultimately tracks the Nameless Mans fight with mental illnesses such as bipolar, PTSD, as well as his paranoid personality. In the end, when he meets the character known as True Love, does he realize that the persona of Fate has given him the weapon he needs to fight the Shadow and destroy the madness that is consuming him.

Diary of a Madman

SKU: 10024
  • Jeff R. Young

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