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When Jena’s new boyfriend Herm announces that he is traveling the Northshore of Lake Superior to meet commander Donner, she is skeptical. After all, Herm is convinced that he is an alien from the planet Xylan who has been sent to Earth to search for rare minerals. As far as she is concerned, he is living in a dream world. However, Herm is also a nice, guy, the best she’s ever known, and she enjoys being with him. So does her eight-year-old daughter Sylvie.

If only it wasn’t for that alien issue…

This is a story of the horrors that some people can inflict upon the innocent. It is also a story of how incredibly strong the human spirit is. Ultimately, it is a story of how strong the bonds of love truly can be.

Eye of the Beholder

SKU: 10056
  • Jim Bates

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