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They have captured our imagination since The Epic of Gilgamesh from around 2,100 BC, and the legend continues within the pages of this book, Full Moon & Howlin': A Werewolf Anthology! Enclosed are twenty of the best modern human-to-wolf tales from top authors around the globe! The Keeper by Edward AhernWolf Calls by Michael ArnoldPack Business by Stephanie J. BardyThe New Boyfriend by James BatesThe Werewolf of Hollywood by Steve CarrCry of the Wolf by Dawn DeBraalWhat the Humans Hath Made by T. Fox Dunham. Watson and the Werewolf by Melissa Ridley ElmesLab Wolves by Jeffrey Armadillo ForkerUnder the Quarantine Moon by Chip JettMuddy-Paws by Michelle LoweJack and Whitechapel's White Wolf by Matt LucasElizabeth by David K. MontoyaSecond Turn on the Left by Patrick F. MurphyThe Truth About Josh by Andy RauschThe Rider by Bruce RoweDate Night by Alan RussoMuddy Waters by Jenna SparksNight Song by Thomas K.S WakeThe Hunter and the Hunted by Jeff R. Young

Full Moon and Howlin': A Werewolf Anthology

SKU: 10025
  • Alan Russo
    Andy Rausch
    Bruce Rowe
    Chip Jett
    David K. Montoya
    Dawn DeBraal
    Dr. Melissa Ridley Elmes
    Edward Ahern
    James Bates
    Jeff R. Young
    Jeffrey Armadillo Forker
    Jenna Sparks
    Matt Lucas
    Michael Arnold
    Michelle E. Lowe
    Patrick F. Murphy
    Stephanie J. Bardy
    Steve Carr
    T. Fox Dunham
    Thomas K.S Wake

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