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The first collection of stories David K. Montoya has published since The World of Myth Anthology: Volume II three years ago, It's A Dark Ride includes thirteen short stories and one poem, and "The Leftovers," Montoya's original e-book, which attracted thousands of online readers and became his most popular short story of the decade. "The Leftovers," published here on paper for the first time, is the story of a man, who's main job in a post zombie apocalypse is to clean the area of any zombie leftovers. In "Last Supper," a mysterious man's nightly dinner turns very, very bloody when the waitress learns the truth. And in "Call of the Blackbird," death waits an elderly man in the form of a raven or two... hundred. Whether writing about encounters with the dead, the undead, or about the people about to be dead, David K. Montoya is at the top of his form in these thirteen dark tales assembled in It's A Dark Ride.

It's A Dark Ride

SKU: 10016
  • David K. Montoya

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