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Aliens created the zombie apocalypse to save Earth. Unfortunately, it was from us.

Returning to the zombie-infested City of Angels, Dos Amigos—Liberty & Uncle Danny—have come to rescue more survivors. The most important of those is Uncle Danny’s niece, Tessy.

Dos Amigos are helping a group of soldiers secure both a school bus, and an Army tank to tow it. This motley tank/bus is moving through the dead town rescuing survivors. Though not everyone wants to be rescued.

More troubling, the extraterrestrials that created the zombie virus have also introduced large, predatory alien-birds into the city. And one of the alien-birds—Rakduson—is now following the tank/bus, and Uncle Danny in particular. These birds are being controlled by a device in the back of their head. But Danny accidentally shot the device in Rak’s head causing her tremendous pain.

Weaving through a carpet of zoms, Rakduson now follows Uncle Danny and Liberty with an unknown agenda.

Liberty's Run 2: T'ank for the Memories

SKU: 10040
  • Walter G. Esselman

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