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My mother said

I never should

Go all alone into the wood

For if I do, I disobey

My mother said I won’t see the next day


The undying ‘Skeleton King*’, Murdle Notton has vowed to take over the world, a world full to the brim of the usual band of elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and far too many humans.

Standing in the way of this dastardly villain is plain, clueless, infantile Fred; the no-hoper of all no-hopers…

Does that mean the world has no hope too…? Hopefully, you’ll be willing to find out…

Join Murdle and Fred along with a cast of almost recognizable fantasy figures as the battle between good and evil tries to go to plan.

*Their nickname, not his…

Murdle Notton's Guide to World Domination: An Autobiographical Parody 99.73844%

SKU: 10050
  • Timothy Law

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