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The world is hard place to live and no one gets out of it alive. between the pages of this book, fiction stories and poems speak the truth of grief, pain, sin and horror. Yet, despite that truth, the authors herein show us the blessing of hope. All we need do is let God take control.

Spiritual Awakenings: Stories of Praise and Redemption

SKU: 10014
  • Rob Furey
    Jenna Fernandez
    Robert Goodman
    Amy Hetland
    Gary Wosk
    Jennifer Jennings
    C. Zickgraf
    C. D. Carter
    Rose Drew
    Henry Brasater
    T. Lloyd Reilly
    Janet Short
    Daniele Luciano Moskal
    Carol Shenold
    Kim Bond
    Russ Hicks
    Robert J. Mendenhall
    Sorrel Wood
    Mark Scheel
    Fiona Linday
    J. Patrick Van Slyke
    Samuel Bradford
    Caren Rich
    Bruce H. Markuson
    Carol Ann Chybowski
    Glenn Hager
    J. Patrick Van Slyke

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