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Fleeing a zombie outbreak, a Substitute Teacher drives his high school class into a designated refuge, which unfortunately is an old, abandoned prison. Worse yet, the city barely stocked it with food and weapons.Luckily for the kids though, their Substitute is Henry Lovecraft, an undercover government agent, who had been told this would be a simple job. Go into town for the day and make sure that the school was ready for an outbreak. Easy, right?Now, Agent Lovecraft is scrabbling to get everyone behind the thick stone walls. But, he is not alone. One of his students, Max, had survived an outbreak in Toledo. So the fifteen-year old steps up to help. While the Substitute is a little reluctant at first, Lovecraft and the boy soon fashion an unbreakable bond, much like a father and his son.Later, as the two explore the prison, Lovecraft is seriously unamused to find that things still prowl in and amongst the cells. Monsters are one thing, but ghosts and shadowy creatures, that freaks him out.Even with all that, everyone should have been safe from shambling zombies outside and even the spirits within. Set up in a building on the jail grounds, the refugees were still behind those thick walls. And there is even clean beds waiting for them. The only horror should have been the food that was 2-years-past-sell-by-date.But the zombies have mutated. One group of zombies now scale the walls and descend upon the refugees. In the middle of the night, Lovecraft and Max are suddenly scrambling to get as many refugees as they can into the main jail. Even there, another group of mutated zombies threatens to break down the metal gates into General Population.Surrounded by encroaching horrors, Lovecraft and Max are forced to pull the refugees deeper and deeper into the jail. And towards something truly monstrous.Despite all that, Lovecraft and Max face it with a fierce grin. They’re not going down without a fight!

SuperHorror Max

SKU: 10028
  • Walter G. Esselman

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