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For fifty years Ebar, an alien from planet Rykos, has lived in human form on earth as Kyle Johnson. When Ebar gets into a fight at the sewage treatment plant where he works, he is put into jail. A jailer overhears Ebar trying to contact his home planet and tells the authorities. Ebar is sent to the psychiatric ward of the Buffalo County Hospital for evaluation where he eventually comes under the care of Jeremy Slater.

Jeremy is a young mental health professional, and Ebar’s case is his first assignment. No one believes that Ebar is an alien. More to the point, everyone thinks he’s crazy. After working with his patient for a month, Jeremy begins to believe Ebar truly is who he says he is and concocts a plan. If Ebar will quit talking about being an alien and pretend he is human, Jeremy will work with him so he can get released from the hospital and go on living his life. Ebar agrees.

Jeremy’s egotistical boss, Doctor Richard Andrews has other ideas. He and a friend at the pentagon have come up with a plan of their own. Andrews will take over the case and announce to the world that Ebar really is an alien. Andrews figures it will make him famous. His plan is to keep Ebar locked up and study him for the rest of his life.

Jeremy is appalled. He and Ebar have become friends and he can’t allow Andrews to take control of his friend’s life. Aided by co-worker, Julie, and her partner Wren, the four of them go on the run with thugs sent by the pentagon in hot pursuit.

This is a story about good and evil and is a mirror held up to the times we live in. Ultimately, though, it is a story of friendship, a friendship that changes the lives of both Ebar and Jeremy forever.

The Alien of Orchard Lake

SKU: 10043
  • Jim Bates

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