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In Fantasy Tails of Yore our reader joins “The Dragon Hunters” as they track down a dragon to steal her magic horde, but may be surprised to discover the truth behind such a treasure. In “A Foul Business by Any Name” our two intrepid hunters are back, but have blown through their small fortune and find that the local government now seeks a tax on their former windfall. Earl Richford is ready to do battle in “Final Gambit” as a horde of invaders approach his castle, only to be laid low when attacked from behind by his new wife. A small thief manages to sell some illegal dragon scales to the prince of Gar, but he discovers “All that Glitters” is not always the best form of payment. In “Rampant and the Dragon” a young boy is sent out to do battle with a dragon which has harassed his village for months, but finds that his mental strength may be a more important weapon against this beast than the sword he carries. Within “The Empire Chronicles” deceit, espionage, murder and treason are only a few of the problems Princess Irayan must deal with when she returns home after many years away from her kingdom and birthplace. And pay close attention or you may just miss a “Requiem for Turnip Bill.”The more Contemporary Fantasy Tails include the story of a man who has a chance encounter with a famous 1950s pin-up model in “Blind Betty”—or was it just his imagination? A couple of Dimensional Time-Frame Investigators attempt to help a woman find her missing husband in “Overhill and Dale,” but feel the case may be too much for them to handle. Take a small leap of faith in “The Ladder,” and when you die perhaps you may meet “The Riders of Heaven.” Need to be someplace important? You might as well be “Dead and Ferried.” If you require assistance around the house our “Aye, Robot” may fill the bill, or if you find yourself stressed out and late for an appointment, “A Small Pearl of Wisdom” might just make your day—but then again, maybe it won’t.

The Dragon Hunters And Other Fantasy Tails

SKU: 100010
  • Terry D. Scheerer

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