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Adventurous sisters, Emma and Olivia possess the key to the Land of Imagination. They travel there often and have met many magical creatures, making friends with many of them, such as Kén Tauros, a friendly Centaur, and Theophrastus von Hohenheim, the Prince of the Gnome Kingdom.
On one such trip they learn that their beloved friend Yoon the Unicorn, has been kidnapped by the evil Lord of the Zombie Fairies, Schartzmugel.
Join Emma and Olivia as they journey to the Land of the Zombie Fairies to stand against Schartzmugel and his horde of minions. They must not only save Yoon the Unicorn, but all the Magical Realm in the Land of Imagination!

The Missing Unicorn in the Land of The Zombie Fairies

SKU: 10029
  • David K. Montoya

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