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WARNING! Do not read this alone at night. The stories contained in this anthology bothered test readers deeply in places no one wants to go. It revealed the darkest of desires, the depths of depravity that no one wants to talk about but that do exist in the very real world. Which is exactly what we put a call out for. Keep something warm and fuzzy handy. But, also, if you are disturbed, triggered or upset in any way, please reach out, talk to someone. Some of these stories can bring up some painful emotions. •Perfectly Average by Stephanie J. Bardy •Gourmet Dinner by  Jim Bates •Monster by Brandon Cracraft •The Making of a Psychopath by Dawn De Braal •The Right Man by James Dorr •I'm not worried she's missing by Abby Hilyard •Crimson Descent by Avery Hunter •Dreamy by Kerri Jesmer •Do Not Knock It Until You Try It by Timothy  Law •Man in a Box by Joe Mogel •Andy by David K. Montoya •Something About Stan by Lisa H. Owens •Pies to Die For by Lynne Phillips •The Patient in Room 9 by Destiny Pifer •First Time for Everything by S.N. Rodgers •Unfriended by Alan Russo •Hotdog by Mark Slade •The God of Flesh by Sheldon Woodbury •The Organ Grinder by Jeff R. Young

The Monster Within Tales of a Tortured Mind

SKU: 10053
  • Stephanie J. Bardy
    Jim Bates
    Brandon Cracraft
    Dawn De Braal
    James Dorr
    Abby Hilyard
    Avery Hunter
    Kerri Jesmer
    Timothy  Law
    Joe Mogel
    David K. Montoya
    Lisa H. Owens
    Lynne Phillips
    Destiny Pifer
    S.N. Rodgers
    Alan Russo
    Mark Slade
    Sheldon Woodbury
    Jeff R. Young

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