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On September 6, 2004, with the simple click of a mouse, The World of Myth was born. Originally created to be a safe haven, which offered a place for creators to polish their craft and share their ideas with each other. But it became more. Much more. Over time, The World of Myth has become possibly one of the best online magazines on the World Wide Web today. For the last three years (2004 - 2007), it has published over one hundred and fifty short stories, more than three hundred poems, and well over ten dozen collective pieces of art.

The World of Myth Anthology: Volume I

SKU: 10002
  • Kevin Adams

    Steve Bolin

    Saranna DeWylde

    L.M. Mercer

    David K. Montoya

    Reaper Schwartz

    Terry D. Scheerer

    Carol Shenold

    Sarah Wilson

    L. Craig Woods


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