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After many years in question, welcome to the third and newest volume of anthologies from The World of Myth Magazine! Delve into a divergent and new existence of contingency through a variety of creative and stunning ideas of fiction—all in this third anthology! The range of genres in this book is wide spread as we look at a personal account of playful children to a heartfelt tale of a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Enjoy a thought provoking story involving a different type of invasion or perhaps indulge in a fable of how to deal with that pesky unwanted visitor, known as Death. These stories bring you the amazing talent in Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Humor and Science Fiction found only in The World of Myth Magazine!

The World of Myth Anthology: Volume III

SKU: 10018
  • Kevin Adams
    Steve Bolin
    T.G. Browning
    Charlotte Emma Gledson
    Samuel Hayne
    Zed Holt
    Marileta Hunsford
    Adam Janus
    Sarah Saint John
    John A. Miller
    David K. Montoya
    Terry D. Scheerer
    Elise Skidmore
    Jezzy Wolfe
    Slepter Zephyr

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