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“On September 6, 2004, with a simple click of a mouse, The World of Myth was born.”

That is what was written on the back of the very first anthology.

“Originally created to be a safe haven,” it said. “…to polish their craft and share their ideas with each other. But it became more. Much more.”

As we present our fourth anthology to you, those words still ring true. What started as ten contributors has now grown to hundreds, a few stories, to thousands. This anthology, spanning three years of stories, poems, and drabbles, still offers the same excitement, the same polish, and the same thrill as that very first one.

Inside these pages, you will find a variety of tales, ranging from humor to horror, fantasy to fiction, poetry and drabbles.

Hairy noses will haunt you; bunnies will baffle you, and penance will be paid. Each piece will grab an emotion and you will experience the words as they come alive on the page. Some pieces will tear you open and expose your deepest emotions, and some will make you laugh until you cry.

All will entertain you.

Welcome to The World of Myth Anthology 4.

The World of Myth Anthology: Volume IV

SKU: 10035
  • Sandy Parsons
    Matt Wall
    Steve Carr
    Alan Russo
    Molly E. Hamilton
    DC Diamondopolous
    Michael A. Arnold
    Walt Giersbach
    Steven Bruce
    DC Diamondopolous
    Michelle E. Lowe
    Steven Bruce
    Melissa Small
    J. Agombar
    Matt Lucas
    Ed Ahern
    Shawn M. Klimek
    Amber M. Simpson
    Ximena Escobar
    Nora Jean Garcia
    Molly Liu
    Robert Masterson
    Clark Zlotchew
    Lynne Phillips
    James Rumpel
    Timothy Law
    Christopher Bice
    David K. Montoya
    Dawn DeBraal
    Stephanie J. Bardy
    Walter G. Esselman
    Gabriella Balcom
    Josh Poole
    Linda M. Sauve
    Kevin Adams
    Rebecca Ilich
    Peggy Gerber
    Linda Imbler
    Jeff R. Young

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