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Unwelcomed: Tales of Hauntings and Possessions is an anthology of horror, silliness, and a little bit of fact. Ghost stories have been a part of our culture since people gathered around a fire in the dark. Telling tales to scare ourselves and those around us, making light of things that go bump in the night, has been a coping mechanism for the things we do not understand for centuries. There has always been something about the dark that stirs up the imagination. It pulls at those questions that, in the light of day, seem benign and silly. The urge to explore a haunted building has been a draw for many people and has also been the downfall of many. But in the dark, the thought of a ghost can make even the most innocuous sound seem sinister. Was that door creaking, the house settling, or was it something else? If anyone has been paying attention to the latest movies, possessions have become a trend too. But they always have been. The first major movie to spark interest in possession was The Exorcist, and we have been enthralled ever since. If you’ve ever played with an Ouija board, you understand the thrill, the rush of adrenaline when the planchette moves. The total fear when things go a little sideways. Was it real? Was it imagination? Do you dare try again and find out? Ever walked by an old abandoned house and wondered if you really saw something move in the window? Heard a floorboard creak at night and thought a ghost was roaming your halls? Felt a cold shiver down your spine and said a little prayer as you hurried home on a dark night? I have. Each tale in this book was created to entertain, to scare, and to thrill. Each has its own unique voice, and each showcases the talent of the writer, from old clocks to a poor soul getting mugged just for his body. You will be turning the pages and sleeping with the lights on. Days that seem special just because they only come once in a while will hold new meaning and sinister intentions. Some stories are based on legend, some in truth. All may serve as cautionary tales. Whether you believe in the supernatural and the demonic, or you just find it fascinating as entertainment, this anthology delivers on all levels.

Unwelcomed: Stories of Hauntings and Possessions

SKU: 10041
  • Stephanie J. Bardy

    Jim Bates

    Dawn DeBraal

    Melissa Ridley Elmes

    Adele Evershed

    Alyson Faye

    Kerri Jesmer

    Timothy Law

    David K. Montoya

    Lisa H. Owens

    Destiny Eve Pifer

    Bruce Rowe

    CL Steele

    Tricia Waller

    Jezzy Wolfe

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